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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – Aeroland Skydive

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Should I choose tandem or static line jump?
It is really a difficult question to answer. But you can’t go wrong with it, as they both will be unforgettable jumps. The choice should mostly depend on what you want to experience. Static line is a solo jump from the altitude of 1 300 or 1 600 meters. The parachute opens automatically when you exit the aircraft, and the free fall lasts for 3-5 seconds, while the parachute fills with air. You steer the ram-air canopy and land by yourself. Training takes 4-5 hours before the jump and is held in groups. There is a lot of information to learn, so you are required to be attentive, concentrated and patient on your training. You can learn more about static line jump here. Tandem skydive is a jump with an experienced instructor. From the very first jump you will experience the incredible feeling of a free fall on a speed of 200 km/h, which will last for 30-90 seconds depending on the chosen jump altitude (3 000 m, 4 000 m, 5 000 m or 6 000 m). You will soar like a bird and touch the sky! Short briefing takes only 15-20 minutes. All the work is on the instructor's shoulders. You just need to relax and prepare for the ultimate experience! You can learn more about tandem jump here.
How safe is skydiving?
While seeming to be an extreme sport, skydiving is actually much safer than downhill skiing, diving, boxing, football, or even driving to work by car. Obviously, there is some risk, but we do everything we can to minimize it. All our gear is supplied by the world's leading manufacturers and is regularly inspected. Skydiving systems are equipped with main and reserve parachutes, as well as automatic activation safety devices. Each of our instructors is highly trained and certified, holding more than 1 000 skydives. Your safety is our top priority.
I really want to skydive, but I'm scared. How do I overcome fear?
First, you need to accept that a fear of heights is a normal adult reaction. We also fear the unknown. We recommend you visiting the site and spending a couple of hours or even a full day with us. You will see the organization of the training, witness the jumps, you'll be able to chat with instructors, beginners and experienced athletes. We are positive that you will get into the spirit of skydiving. The trust will come, and the fear will subside. Welcome!
How long will the jump take?
Tandem skydive takes around two hours from the moment you arrive at the site. However, you should be prepared for the case it takes longer. Skydiving activity strongly depend on weather, airspace restrictions and air traffic situation. We recommend sparing four hours for the event. Or, better still, not to plan anything important for the day. Static line jump always takes a full day with training.
How old do you have to be to go skydiving?
Minimum age for tandem jumps is 14 years. Minimum age for static line jumps is 16 years. In both cases, persons under 18 will require written consent and presence of both parents at the site. The consent is drawn during registration, immediately before the jump.
What do I need to bring with? What documents do I need?
To complete registration and fill out an application, a passport/ID is required. If you want to use a gift certificate, please have the original with you.
What is the weight limit for the first jump?
Maximum weight limit for both types of jumps is 120 kg. For tandem skydive, persons over 85 kg will be charged 1 000 rubles for every 5 kg of extra weight.
What are the skydiving health restrictions? Will I go through a medical examination before the jump?
If you are fit enough to drive a car, you are fit enough to skydive. You should refrain from skydivng, if you have certain conditions, such as hypertension, epilepsy, brain injuries, heart and lung diseases, syncope, cramps, diabetes, or shoulder slip. It is forbidden to skydive for a day after diving. Immediately before the jump, you will undergo a short physical examination with our doctor.
Can I take my video camera?
For safety reasons, only experienced skydivers are allowed to use cameras during the jump. To capture your jump, we offer various photo and video shooting options both for tandem and static-line jumps.
What are you whereabouts?
We are just 7 km away from Kaliningrad, in Podgornoye village of Gurievsk district. Our coordinates are: 54.742218, 20.727618 By car: drive from Moskovsky Prospekt to the Baltika Motel, go through the Lukoil gas station and drive 7 minutes on the road to Dobroe village through Zaozerye village. When you reach Podgornoye village, you will see our hangar with the sign AEROLAND on the right. By taxi: a taxi ride from the city to the site will cost about 400-500 rubles. Other guests and skydivers can always give you a lift back to the city. The closest bus stop is Baltika Motel.

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