Static line jump is the option for those looking to experience solo jump on their first day. You will make that step from the altitude of 1300 or 1600 meters by yourself.

Your parachute will be deployed automatically after you exit the aircraft. You will free-fall for 3-5 seconds, while it fills with air.

At Aeroland Skydive you will be jumping with modern skydiving equipment – Icarus Equinox steerable ram-air student canopy.

They are easily steerable and allow you to land at a desired spot. Your instructor will help you to make the perfect landing pattern, guiding you from the ground using the walkie-talkie.

The landing itself is really soft, as these canopies allow you to reduce the vertical speed to zero during a landing flare.

Aeroland Skydive gear is regularly inspected. It is packed by professionals and equipped with main and reserve parachutes, as well as automatic activation safety devices. We never compromise on safety.

We recommend static line skydiving even to those who have already experienced jumping with a round parachute. This is a qualitatively different experience bringing entirely different emotions.

The cost of the jump:


1 500 m


Parachute flight time

9 500 ₽


Would you like a video of your experience?


Video of your exit from the aircraft

1 000 ₽

Video of your exit + landing

2 000 ₽
How to make the jump happen:

1. Booking

Make a booking for any available date on our website or by calling us. Static line jumps take place on weekends under suitable weather conditions.

2. Arrival

You arrive at the site at the appointed time. Usually it’s about 9-11 a.m. Complete the paperwork.

3. Training

You complete a detailed training. You pass the test. This takes about 4-5 hours.

4. Medical examination

You undergo a medical examination before skydiving.

5. Skydiving

You make a jump in the afternoon.

Who can perform
static-line jumps:

Persons over the age of 16

Persons under 18 years of age require written consent and presence of both parents at the site. There is no upper age limit.


It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol and psychotropics before the jump.

Maximum weight – 120 kg

Without restrictions on stressful and physical activities

Without mental disorders

How to prepare for
the jump:


Wear comfortable clothes. We provide skydiving jumpsuits. Wear something weather-appropriate that will not hinder your movements under the jumpsuit.Wear flat shoes, such as sneakers.


Have a meal a couple of hours before the jump. You want to be neither hungry nor full. Bring a snack with you.


Bring your passport/ID. You will need it for registration.


Parachute jumps strongly depend on weather. We recommend sparing four hours for the event. Or, better still, not to plan anything important for the day.

Gift certificate

If you want to use a gift certificate, please have the original with you.

do you have any questions?

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