A License

After successfully completing the AFF course, you get access to solo skydives. However, you are not yet a licensed skydiver and will perform solo jumps under the supervision of instructors. The next step is getting your first Category A skydiving license.

After the AFF course you will need to make 12 more solo freefall jumps and 5 jumps with a coach to learn basic group skydiving skills and maneuvers.

Once you are licensed, you can jump with your fellow skydivers and engage in group formations, as well as packing your own parachute.

What do I need to get
an A license:

  • Complete 25 freefall skydives in total
  • Being able to pack your main parachute
  • Demonstrate required level of skills during
    A licence check dive with an examiner
  • Take a written knowledge test
  • Meet Category A qualification standards
  • Pay a membership fee to the Federation.


Preparation for A licensing after AFF program completion

Solo jump


1500 ₽


1800 ₽


2200 ₽

Coach jump (jump slot not included)

4000 ₽

Parachute packing course

5000 ₽

Skydiving gear rental for 1 jump (packing included)

800 ₽

Full gear rental for 1 jump
(parachute system, skydiving jumpsuit, helmet, googles, altimeter)

1000 ₽

A license Check Dive
(jump slot not included)

4000 ₽

Written knowledge test, preparation of an application to the Federation

2000 ₽

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