AFF course

AFF COURSE (Accelerated Free Fall) is an accelerated skydiving training program. It is the most effective and safe way to learn to skydive solo. The USPA approved course has seven stages.

On each of the stages (one or several jumps) you will acquire new knowledge and skills in free fall, canopy steering and landing, emergency procedures, equipment preparation and jump planning.

All the skydives during the course are made from the altitude of 3500-4000 meters, first with two, and later with one instructor, free-falling next to you.

At the initial stages, they maintain a grip on your harness. With each jump, they give you more and more freedom until you learn and feel comfortable to control your body in free fall and open your parachute at the assigned altitude by yourself.

At our Centre you will be skydiving with modern equipment – Wings containers and Icarus Equinox steerable ram-air student canopies.

They are easily steerable and allow soft landing at a desired spot by reducing vertical speed to zero during the landing flare.

Our USPA rated instructors are skilled skydiving athletes, holding more than 1000 jumps each.

Aeroland Skydive gear is regularly inspected. It is packed by professionals and equipped with main and reserve parachutes, as well as automatic activation safety devices.

Before starting AFF course it is required to do tandem

Structure of the course:

1st level (Category A)

Skydive with two instructors with a grip. Establishing the right position in free-fall.

2nd level (Category B)

Skydive with two instructors with a grip. Learning 90 degrees turns technique.

3rd level (Category C)

Skydive with two instructors. Solo free fall. At this stage, the instructors let you go for the first time and stay near.

4th level (Category C)

Skydive with one instructor. The instructor lets go of the student. Consolidation of free fall skills.

5th level (Category D)

Skydiving with one instructor. The instructor is near. Independent 90 degrees turns.

6th level (Category D)

Skydive with one instructor. The instructor flies next to you. Solo 180 and 360 degrees turns.

7th level (Category E)

Skydive with one instructor. The instructor flies next to you. Mastering recovery from an unstable position. Frontflip, backflip, barrel roll.


Ground training and theory classes precede each jump. Theoretical training takes 5-6 hours before the first jump and 1-2 hours before the following jumps.

After the jump, we do a thorough review of the footage.

The criterion for moving to the next stage is the successful completion of exercises and demonstration of skills provided for at the current level.

Сost of the program:

The cost of the program includes the rent of all the necessary equipment: parachute system, skydiving jumpsuit, helmet, googles, altimeter, walkie-talkie.

Additional jumps, if needed.
12 000 ₽

125 000 ₽

Theory + 7 jumps


Additional jumps, if needed.
12 000 ₽

The next stage is preparation for getting
Category A license